Quality over Price: Czech Women Spend Over 10K on Cosmetics Every Year

When buying cosmetics, product quality is the most important deciding factor for 73% of Czech women. One-tenth of customers will spend over 10.000 CZK on cosmetics every year. This was shown in a survey conducted by GIVET, a leading cosmetics & personal care products manufacturer. Data was collected through the Instant Research application run by the Ipsos agency.

Most of the time, Czech women buy cosmetics once a month, in brick-and-mortar stores, and hair care is their favorite. While almost one-tenth of Czech customers will spend over 10.000 CZK a year, about 15% of them will spend between 5.000 and 10.000 CZK and 43% will spend over 3.000 CZK.

Quality Wins over the Price

When choosing and buying cosmetics and personal care products, quality is at the top of the list of priorities for 73% of Czech women. The price is important for 67% of them and personal experience with the product for 66%. Only about 17% of Czechs choose products based on personal recommendations of friends, and online reviews will influence one-tenth of them. The packaging will play a part only for 3% of questioned women.

“Quality cosmetics is the priority for Czech women, but at the same time, the survey results confirm that Czech customers try to find a balance between care and finances, thus creating a continuous demand for quality and affordable cosmetic products,” says Martin Vrána, the CEO of GIVET.

Shopping Spree Once a Month & Offline

Almost half of Czechs buy hair care, makeup, skincare, perfumes, dental hygiene, and personal care products only once a month. A third of them shop once every three months.

“Despite the pandemic increase in popularity of e-commerce in recent years, the survey results show that the preferred place to choose and buy cosmetics for two-thirds of Czech customers is still brick-and-mortar stores. Only a third of respondents choose e-shop,” says Martin Vrána.

Hair Care is on the Forefront

And on what kind of products will Czech customers spend the most money on? Hair care, overwhelmingly. According to the survey, it's 56% of respondents. Almost half of Czech women will spend the most on perfumes while 46% of them on skin care. More than a quarter of respondents will spend the most on dental hygiene.

Almost two-thirds of respondents are learning about new products from the internet, while 45% pay attention to their friends' recommendations. Only 7% of Czechs will learn about new products from lifestyle magazines.

Gifting Season Is the Strongest

Apart from products for their personal need, Czech women buy cosmetics and personal care products mostly before the holidays. 47% of respondents buy cosmetics as a surprise for their loved ones and almost a third of them buy them as birthday presents. Czech women also like to use favorite sale campaigns such as Black Friday or Valentine’s Day. Yearly, the presents cost them up to 3.000 CZK.


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