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What We Live For

Beauty. Health. The art of self-care. Extraordinary products that help people feel comfortable in their bodies. Opening new markets and business opportunities for remarkable brands. That is what GIVET lives for.

How We Work

We connect the world of high-quality cosmetics with the business world. We are passionate about discovering remarkable brands and leading them on their journey. Our connections with scientists and experts and our mutual passion for the world of cosmetics transform start-ups into household names.

Who We Work With

We work with brands that simply stand out due to product formulas refined to perfection, the use of innovative technologies, and exceptional ingredients. Although each of our brands is unique, we believe that sharing inspiration and experience across the company creates healthy and prosperous businesses that have something to offer to both customers and the beauty world at large.

Our Brands

GIVET company is a space where brands are cherished, nurtured, and brought to their highest potential. Our main goal is to use company expertise in an individual approach to each brand to boost their growth and ensure success.

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