GIVET: When Love for Beauty Meets Business

High-end cosmetics and successful business. A combination that drives Givet forward. At Givet we are passionate about creating high-quality beauty and selfcare products that are helping people fall in love with themselves. This is only possible through a functioning and quality business behind them. Fortunately, we love this part of our job aswell.

What does Givet do?

Givet is the result of our passion for high-end cosmetics and business. We take care of the brand from the first idea to the final product. And once the product is out in the world, we nurture and raise its profile through Digital and Content Marketing and PR.

Because we want to create brands (and that we do) that deliver exactly what customers desire and need, we team up with both scientists who care about the highest quality of the products and specialists from a variety of fields to help the brand succeed. As a result, we are able to create brands that luxury cosmetics and self-care lovers adore. With this approach, we are able to transform small start-ups into established, successful brands.

Givet in and facts numbers:

  • Operating in 27 countries
  • 1 800 000 M customers
  • 14 M year over year turnover
  • + 70 % year over year sales growth
  • 826 Stock Keeping Units
  • 50 employees

Givet is headquartered in Turin, Italy, and also in  the heart of Europe, Prague. However, we nurture the best cosmetic brands and beauty products in 27 European countries.

Our year-on-year sales growth this year exceeded 70%. This was made possible by our 1,800,000 customers who bet on quality and self-care and have fallen for our brands. In 2024 we aim to reach 36€ million in turnover with expanded portfolio of multiple brands ranging from cosmetics to products for personal need.


What are our love brands?

At Givet, we stand behind every brand that passes under our hands. We always try to go one step further and make each brand as special as it can get. Always with an individual approach to the specific brand. We believe that every brand can be unique and bring the extra spark. We currently manage 12 brands, in the cosmetics, skin care, hair care, personal care, make-up, fragrance, dietary supplements and beauty accessories sectors.

The Givet brands are:

  • UXI
  • ICONIQUE Professional
  • Saffee
  • Gleam
  • Spiri Time
  • Mense

We will introduce all our brands in more detail in our next articles. So stay tuned!