New in Our Portfolio: Saffee Advanced Collection

Discover the newest addition to the popular Saffee Advanced collection: LIFTUP+. Modern French dermocosmetics by Saffee blend natural active ingredients with the latest technologies to offer long-term solutions designed to answer the current needs of your skin. And LIFTUP+ collection takes that to a whole new level.

We introduced four new potent facial serums that will help on your journey towards healthier and more beautiful looking skin.

The Daily Energising Serum will help you deal with dull, patchy looking skin to achieve brightened, soft and smooth-looking skin.

Those with enlarged pores and uneven skin tone will appreciate Pore & Skin Refiner Serum which smooths the skin and minimize the appearance of pores.

If your concern is wrinkles, then the Retinol-like Skin Revive Serum is the clear choice for you. A truly effective product that will tackle wrinkles and improve skin’s texture. 

For a powerful restart opt for the Over-night Repair Serum that has been created to mitigate the effects of insufficient or poor sleep and other missteps against the healthy lifestyle.

Get yourself a hold onto these and meet the highest standards for comprehensive skincare.