Tips for Christmas Gifts from GIVET collections

Christmas time is filled with joy, warmth, and the spirit of giving. Every year, we search for that perfect gift for our loved ones, friends and colleagues that will bring a smile to their faces. This year, you can bring luxurious skincare and beauty into the lives of your dear ones with a wide range of Christmas gift sets. These gifts will leave an unforgettable impression. Bring joy, beauty, and the sparkle of this festive season with gift sets that combine skincare with the magic of Christmas.

Looking for a gift that will delight your loved ones, friends, colleagues or children?

This gift set will make every girl and woman who wants a simple and professional application of decorative cosmetics happy. BrushArt has three Christmas sets for her that will delight her with trendy designs and high quality. The Basic Brush set contains four brushes with synthetic bristles for a perfect look: a brush for make-up, a brush for face powder, a 2-in-1 multifunctional brush and a flat bevel brush.

For lovers of sponges, BrushArt prepared a Make-up Sponge Set Blue Galaxy which contains four sponges of different textures for the perfect application of make-up. Sponges apply make-up quickly, easily and do not streak.

BrushArt has also prepared a unique set for face mask lovers to create masks based on the model of real professionals. The BrushArt DIY Face Mask Set with the cosmetic headband makes it easy for you to prepare and apply face masks. With the equipment for mixing and applying beautifying blends, your home rituals take on a new dimension.

The BrushArt Home Salon Haircare set will make happy anyone who likes to take care of their hair and skin and would like to experience some relaxation at the same time. In the set, you will find a Scalp Scrub Brush that will get your hair rid of dirt and styling product residue, plus massage your scalp with it, which is the perfect hair loss prevention. After the ritual, you can wrap your hair in a soft towel. Thanks to the little button, it stays perfectly on your head and doesn't slip off.

Are you tired of giving classic advent calendars full of chocolate? Would you like your little girl to find something in the calendar that will make her happy for more than a few seconds? BrushArt has prepared a KIDS Holiday Collection Advent calendar for the littlest princesses. Under the 24 windows, they will find hair styling accessories, a small mirror, but also a child's necklace, bracelet or earrings - all with cute reindeer, red bows and other Christmas motifs.

Gift for a radiant smile

This gift set will make everyone who likes to take care of their smile and teeth happy. The MEDIBLANC Whitening cosmetic set will provide your loved one with the necessary care for beautiful teeth, making their teeth healthy and bright white. The gift set includes an ultra-soft toothbrush, a single-bristle toothbrush, and two whitening toothpastes.

Looking for something more personal?

For lovers of luxury and quality perfumes, the NOVELLISTA brand has two special tips for Christmas. NOVELLISTA UNIQUE WOOD is an Eau de parfum created literally for everyone - women and men. Created by Frenchman Cyrill Rolland, the perfume contains a gender-neutral aromatic fragrance with woody elements that will support your loved one's inner strength and courage.

The second fragrance ideal for gifting is NOVELLISTA ROUGE PRIVÉ for her. It's an ideal gift for any woman seeking a sensual, alluring, and feminine experience. Created by perfumer Emilie Bouge, this scent draws inspiration from the protagonist, Roxana, in Daniel Defoe's novel. Crafted from premium ingredients, this perfume boasts a long-lasting and intense fragrance, perfect for making a lasting impression.

Not sure about a gift, but know she would like some decorative cosmetics?

Do you want to please your loved ones and don't know what exactly would suit them? NOBEA has prepared NOBEA Festive Beauty Pleasure gift sets that will make your loved ones happy under the tree. The decorative cosmetics gift sets include mascara, lipstick, gloss, eyeliner, and nail polish. There are three variants to choose from: Nude Cracker SET, Red Cracker SET and Rose Gold Cracker SET for different types of women. The sets are already in beautiful Christmas packaging, saving you time to spend with your loved ones.

Do you want to gift your colleagues or someone who likes to take care of their skin?

Korean brand Korika has prepared a unique set of 12 face masks KORIKA KOREAN BEAUTY RITUAL Face sheet mask calendar for different skin types and requirements. In this charming set, you will find masks designed to hydrate, soothe, purify, anti-age, brighten, lift, nourish, minimize pores and firm, for both day and night care. Treat your loved ones' skin to luxurious care every day and let it glow in the spirit of the festive season with this special gift set from KORIKA!

KORIKA HI-TECH LIPOSOME Hydrating Solution Intensive Hydration Starter Set is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone facing demanding days, their skin enduring daily challenges. This set includes an active serum and an intensive hydrating cream. Ideal for revitalizing skin under daily stress, it's a thoughtful gift to pamper someone special during the festive season.

Do you want to please your loved ones with something that will surely make them happy? The Korean cosmetics company KORIKA brings you the KORIKA HI-TECH LIPOSOME Calming Solution Essential soothing starter set to soothe your skin and relax. The set includes Vitality Serum and Calming solution Energising Fluid, which complement each other for the best result - rested and refreshed skin.